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FAQ: Work permit

Conditions for Work Permits in the Republic of Lithuania
* The alien is obliged to receive a work permit before entering the Republic of Lithuania.
* A work permit may be issued to an alien, only if no lihuanian specialist is found, corresponding to employer's qualifying demands.

The order of permit issue isdetermined by the Ministry for Social Affairs and Labor.

Work permits are issued and canceled by Lithuanian Labour Exchange at the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Every foreigner's application for work permit must be considered in 2 months period since receiving it at Lithuanian Labour Exchange.

Work Permit Validity
* Work permit is issued to an alien for a period up to 1 years. Functions, specialization, company or organization must be indicated.
* Seasonal worker's permit of 6 months duration must be issued in a years time since the arrival to the Republic of Lithuania date.
* Trainee's work permit is issued for the duration of one year; it may be extended in some prerogative cases, when the duration of internship or practice is longer than one year and when it is necessary for acquiring the qualification.

Alien Resettlement
* A foreigner may be employed and sent to work to the Republic of Lithuania by an employment contract, when his permanent residence is out of the Republic of Lithuania.
* Any employer can resettle solely the aliens in possession of works permits, exept in some cases, indicated by the Law.
* No alien's salary can be lesser than his co-worker lithuanian's,
* All operating conditions are regulated by the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union Law.

Works Permits will be Cancelled if:
1) work permit was obtained by fraud;
2) employment contract was cancelled;
3) the rapport with an employer, who sent the person to the Republic of Lithuania; who is in a foreign country stops;
4) residence permit is abolished.

Work or activity is considered illegal if:
* a foreigner is working without work permit and (or) employment contract and temporary residence permit, when they are necessary;
* the alien is into an activity for which he has no permission, when it is necessary to have one, and has no temporary residence permit;
* the allien is studying in an educational establishment, interns or does in-service training without temporary residence permit, except some exceptional cases.

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