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Documents for visa

In order to get a visa a foreigner must submit:
- a valid travel document;
- an approved form of application for Schengen Visa;
- one passport sized photograph (35x45 mm) corresponding to the age of the applying foreigner;
- the receipt of the paid consular fee. Foreign residents who want to come to Lithuania must pay an admission and examination consular fee of EUR 60 for issuing a visa;
- a compliant health insurance certificate. To obtain a short term Schengen visa the cost of health insurance must total to at least EUR 30 000.

In order to get a short term visa, an applicant must submit an invitation of a legal or natural person for a temporal arrival of a foreigner to the Republic of Lithuania approved by the Migration Service of the Republic of Lithuania, or documents confirming the purpose and conditions for an intended stay in the Republic of Lithuania, means of subsistence during the period of stay in the Republic of Lithuania or legitimate source for receiving it, available finances for return to the country where an alien has the right to go. When a visa is issued to a foreigner on the ground of an invitation or according to a tourism services contract, mandatory means for an alien arriving to the Republic of Lithuania is EUR 20 per day, in other cases EUR 40 per day.
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